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Helping your community develop local climate change projections, assess your vulnerabilities, and develop community resilience strategies. We also provide educational webinars for your organization.

ClimateWise Local Projections

Do you need help assessing future conditions specific to your community?

ex temp graphWhile climate change is a global phenomenon, the impacts for each area are locally unique. Our climate change scientists can help you understand the likely future conditions specific to your community.

At the Geos Institute, our staff scientists prepare local climate change projections based on the best available climate change science, presented at scales that are appropriate for local decision making. We provide maps, graphs, reports, in person presentations, and dynamic online presentations that are easy to read and understand by anyone in your community.

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ClimateWise Vulnerability Assessments

Do you need help identifying your community's vulnerabilities to extreme and unexpected events?

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Climate change is already affecting our communities through increasingly frequent and severe droughts, floods, extreme storms, sea level rise, and heat waves. And it is expected to worsen over the next few decades, even if we drastically reduce emissions today. While climate change is a global phenomenon, the impacts are local.

In addition to reducing emissions to prevent catastrophic impacts to future generations, we need to prepare communities for severe impacts by building resiliency at the local level.

One of the first steps in creating a resilient community is identifying what resources and populations are most vulnerable to climate change. Water supply, for instance, is often highly vulnerable to climate change in areas that rely on snowpack for water storage, and in areas where precipitation is expected to become less predictable over time. Most communities have existing stressors, such as poverty, unemployment, or pollution that can increase the vulnerability of certain populations and resources. These stressors also need to be considered.

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ClimateWise Resilience Planning

Are you looking for a collaborative approach to building community resilience?

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Building on experience gained through working with communities over the past 7 years, we have developed the ClimateWise program to provide a framework that communities can follow to create Whole Community Solutions in adapting to a changing climate.

Our ClimateWise team works directly with communities to help them understand their local vulnerabilities and to develop increased resilience. We guide our client communities step-by-step through the ClimateWise program to ensure that they protect their most valued resources in the most collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective manner possible.

The ClimateWise planning program starts with local climate change projections and a cross-sector vulnerability assessment. Once vulnerabilities are assessed and impacts prioritized, we guide participants in the development of strategies that increase their community’s resilience across all sectors and populations. The development of collaborative and cross-sector strategies leads to a whole suite of synergies – cost savings, new partnerships, complementary efforts, and less community conflict.

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Educational Webinars

Climate Change Resilience: Helping your members incorporate climate change risks into their work

Communities around the nation are feeling the impacts of climate change first hand. As these impacts become more prevalent, local leaders often find themselves ill equipped to plan for an uncertain future. Climate change presents a new threat to communities, creating a need for new approaches to community planning. If your organization is looking to provide accurate information and effective tools to your members so that they can move forward confidently with efforts to build local resiliency, we invite you to consider offering this webinar series on climate change resilience.

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Download Webinar Flyer as a PDF

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In this webinar series, we bring together some of the nation’s leading scientists and practitioners to share their lessons learned, from communicating the science to developing successful adaptation strategies.

This introductory series, intended for planning professionals, community managers, and local leaders, provides:

  • An introduction to the science of climate change, specific to the needs of local decision makers
  • Discussion of impacts and vulnerabilities that need to be considered as they relate to infrastructure, natural systems, economy, human health, emergency services, and cultural resources.
  • Guidance on how to communicate about climate change in different settings
  • Introduction to new frameworks for developing community resilience strategies
  • Tools for communicating, planning, and implementing solutions at the local level, including sample RFPs and how-to guides

Designed for beginners as well as those with adaptation experience, this professional webinar series delves into the complexity of the issue while giving participants effective tools that work in the real world.

For questions regarding series offerings, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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