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Climate Change Adaptation in Fort Collins, Colorado

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In 2012-2013, Fort Collins Colorado experienced a series of extreme events – extreme drought, fire, heat, and flooding that broke historic record after record. The city was ready for some of these events, but not all of them, and not in such quick succession. Luckily, city leaders are taking climate change seriously. They are looking at the model projections and coming up with win-win solutions that not only reduce the risk, but also improve peoples’ daily lives. These strategies build resilience across all parts of the community as conditions continue to become more extreme and less predictable.

The Geos Institute helped city department heads identify their vulnerabilities to climate change so that they can develop integrated and long lasting solutions that are specific to their community’s needs and values. This process was just one step in a much longer effort that will eventually engage local businesses, residents, and surrounding communities as well.

We were so impressed with the local leadership and their practical yet proactive approach that we made a video about them! We hope this video helps other community leaders realize the urgency of taking action on climate change and protecting their citizens and resources in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

climate hazards facing fort collins

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