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Louisville youth coalition speaks out

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Calls on Mayor to attend climate events

Local students of Louisville and people from across the globe came together in unison to spread awareness of the seriousness of climate change. These youth range from 15 years-old to 17 years-old and explained how they feel helpless when they are at school and are not able to make a difference in relation to the climate crisis. Not only students attended the march, but also various politicians, teachers, and other advocates from around the world, including countries like Sweden, France, and Turkey. Students missed out on class that day to convince Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to attend various climate events around the world.

Our ClimateWise team has been working closely with the Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability to develop a climate adaptation plan for the region. Our process has involved government officials, department and agency staff, local non profits, other key stakeholders, and the general public. Working together with Climate Access, a leading organization in the field of climate change communications, our process has included significant public engagement and one on one interviews with leaders around the Louisville Metro area.

Throughout this process we have heard so many participants talk about their children or grandchildren as motivations for doing this work. It’s common for us to hear reference to the next generation and leaving the world a safe and healthy place to live for younger people. All of this is true and important work, and it’s just as important to make sure youth are actively included in the planning processes directly. There’s nothing quite like the hope and passion and optimism of youth to get a group of adults thinking more creatively!

We’re proud to have been on part of Louisville’s journey and even more proud of the youth in the community who are demanding action, taking a stand, and getting involved. Now it’s up to us to make sure they have a place to sit when they show up to the table.

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