Native Village of Georgetown Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment



The Native village of Georgetown is located on the Kuskokwim River, in the Kilbuck-Kuskokwim Mountains, at its convergence with the George River. Georgetown Tribal Council (GTC) is the governing body for the federally recognized tribe of the Native Village of Georgetown, Alaska. While most members of the tribe do not currently live in Georgetown, there are plans for former Georgetown residents and their descendants to move back home.

Currently, most of the 120 members still live in the area primarily in Bethel and other nearby Kuskokwim River villages. The Geos Institute worked with the Georgetown Tribal Council to conduct a climate change vulnerability assessment for the native village site and surrounding area.

 The Vulnerability Assessment identified and prioritized current and projected impacts of climate change on the Native Village of Georgetown, including impacts on the local environment, fish and wildlife, water resources, land use (erosion, permafrost thaw, etc.), and human health. The Vulnerability Assessment combined the most up-to-date scientific information with Traditional Ecological Knowledge for a comprehensive understanding of past and future trends. 

georgetown3This vulnerability assessment will allow the Georgetown Tribal Council to:

  • Perform outreach to other Tribes in the middle Kuskokwim region for discussion of and eventual development of a regional Climate Adaptation Plan
  • Help in the creation of a Climate Adaptation Plan specific to the Native Village of Georgetown should a Regional Plan be determined unfeasible.



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