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Climate Change Action and Planning in Ashland, Oregon

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The Geos Institute has been working in our own backyard and helping the residents of Ashland, Oregon address climate change. We are currently focused on three endeavors:

  • Ashland’s Climate and Energy Action Planning Process
  • Climate Change Vulnerability in Ashland the Rogue Valley (a Geos Institute report)
  • The Ashland Climate Challenge


Ashland Survey on Climate and Energy

During the summer of 2016 the Geos Institute and Southern Oregon University Research Center mailed 2,000 surveys to randomly seclected residents of Ashland. We had an incredible response with a majority of respondents signalling that climate change is a threat and needs immediate action. We also heard that many residents are already saving energy in their homes and daily lives, but often hit barriers that keep them from doing more. Renters, for instance, have limited options for energy upgrades compared to homeowners. And many found alternative transportation to be too inconvenient to meet their needs.


ashland survey view of climate change

ashland survey actions taken

ashland survey barriers

Ashland’s Planning Process

The City of Ashland and the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee is actively working to finalize a Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP). Citizen involvement is welcome and we encourage you to participate by providing comments at a committee meeting or attending one of the public open houses to learn more. Visit the City of Ashland Climate and Energy Action Planning website

Remaining meeting schedule for the CEAP Ad Hoc Committee

Location: Community Development Building (51 Winburn Way), Siskiyou Room

      • Wednesday January 4 – 3:30-5pm
      • Wednesday January 18 – 5:30-7pm


Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Over the week of June 27, 2016, Geos Institute hosted a series of 5 workshops designed to help identify the areas where Ashland is most vulnerable to the changes happening in our climate. This process is designed to support the larger Climate and Energy Action Planning process happening at the City. Part of the Action Plan will include determining how all aspects of our community will respond and adapt to climate change, so that we can create a holistic plan, that works for everyone. In order for this plan to be as robust as possible, it needs to include an assessment of where we, as a community, are most vulnerable. The final report will be provided to the committee overseeing the Action Plan and will also be posted here. 

AshlandVA thumbMonday: Discussion of equity and under-represented populations
Tuesday: Natural Resources and Systems
Wednesday: Health and Emergency Services
Thursday: Business and local economy
Friday: Infrastructure and City planning

Additional information and resources:


The Ashland Climate Challenge

On November 15th, the Geos Institute and Rogue Climate put on the Ashland Climate Challenge Kickoff at the Historic Armory in Ashland, Oregon. This event was the “kickoff” for a year of both planning and action to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions. The purpose of the event was to engage people in a community-wide planning effort that is just beginning, while also motivating local residents to reduce energy use throughout 2016.

acc wordartEnter the challenge here:

Additional information and resources:


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