Climate Adaptation Plan for Town of Truckee

Town Color Logo Transparent BackgroundTruckee, California is no stranger to extreme weather and climate events. Each year, events such as severe winter storms, cold spells, flooding, heat, and hailstorms impact local residents and businesses. Extreme storms can impact local infrastructure, while increasing summer heat can affect peoples’ health. Natural resources, which are vital to the local economy, are also impacted by extreme events and long-term climate change. As the community responds to the immediate needs of public health and safety, we need to also keep an eye towards preparing for the future. 

truckee aerial cloudsThe Geos Institute is working with the Town of Truckee to develop a climate change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan for the community. Following the highly collaborative Whole Community planning framework, the Geos Institute will hold a series of stakeholder and community workshops and events that will provide ample opportunity for community members to help shape climate change solutions. The resulting climate change adaptation plan for Truckee will be focus on protecting diverse populations, natural resources, local culture, the economy, and infrastructure from climate impacts.

For more information on climate change trends and projections for Truckee, download the Climate Trends Primer or download a short handout on climate trends.


Upcoming Events

  • July 24, 2019

    Climate Ready Truckee - Community Workshop

    Wednesday July 24, 5:30-7:30pm
    Community Arts Center (10046 Church Street)

    Spanish translation will be provided / Se proporcionará traducción al español.

    This is your chance to help inform the climate risk assessment for the Town of Truckee. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

    Visit the Facebook Event Page to let us know if you'll be there and share with your friends and neighbors!

    This event is a follow up to the stakeholder workshop held on June 25th.

  • Developing Strategies - Stakeholder and Public Workshops (Date TBD)

    This step in the planning process involves an invitation-only workshop that will build on the information from the Exploring Vulnerabilities workshops and other information collected from local experts and leaders, and a community-wide public workshop to ensure everyone's voice is heard. Information about both events will be posted here once they are finalized.

  • Project Taskforce

    Success of this project depends on having a highly diverse and knowledgeable committee to ensure it reflects local values and diverse populations. The taskforce includes community representatives from a variety of different sectors of the community, including health, natural resources, cultural resources, water, energy, disadvantaged populations, infrastructure, transportation, and others. Taskforce meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, from 2:00-3:30pm.

Past Events

  • The stakeholder workshop was held on Tuesday June 25, 2019. The community is invited to a public workshop in July to review the information from this event and add to it.
  • The official kickoff for this project was held on March 15, 2019. The Geos Institute provided an overview of Whole Community Adaptation and the engagement process designed specifically for Truckee. Coordination between the Truckee 2040 planning effort and climate adaptation planning was also discussed. An advisory team representative of the full range of diverse populations in Truckee is being formed to guide this project.

Project Timeline

truckee timeline

Project Task Force Members

  • Gary Arnold (Caltrans)
  • Anna Klovstad (Councilmember/GPAC)
  • Jason Ko (USFS)
  • Ted Owens (TFHS)
  • Steven Poncelet (TDPUD)
  • Lynn Saunders (Chamber)
  • Bill Seline (Truckee Fire)
  • Lisa Wallace (TRWC)
  • Robert Womack (Truckee Police/Emergency Services)
  • Jaime Wright (TNT/TMA)

Access Task Force resources here (password required)


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