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Climate Adaptation Plan for Town of Truckee

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Truckee, California is no stranger to extreme weather and climate events. Each year, events such as severe winter storms, cold spells, flooding, heat, and hailstorms impact local residents and businesses. Extreme storms can impact local infrastructure, while increasing summer heat can affect peoples’ health. Natural resources, which are vital to the local economy, are also impacted by extreme events and long-term climate change. As the community responds to the immediate needs of public health and safety, we need to also keep an eye towards preparing for the future.

The Geos Institute worked with the Town of Truckee to develop a climate change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan for the community. Following the highly collaborative Whole Community planning framework, the Geos Institute held a series of stakeholder and community workshops and events providing ample opportunity for community members to help shape climate change solutions. The resulting climate change adaptation plan for Truckee focuses on protecting diverse populations, natural resources, local culture, the economy, and infrastructure from climate impacts.

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