ClimateWise Local Projections

Do you need help assessing future conditions specific to your community?

ex temp graphWhile climate change is a global phenomenon, the impacts for each area are locally unique. Our climate change scientists can help you understand the likely future conditions specific to your community.

At the Geos Institute, our staff scientists prepare local climate change projections based on the best available climate change science, presented at scales that are appropriate for local decision making. We provide maps, graphs, reports, in person presentations, and dynamic online presentations that are easy to read and understand by anyone in your community.

Our scientists collaborate with the nation’s leading climate modelers to bring to you the most useful and up-to-date information for your region. We have the knowledge and relationships in place to navigate complex model output and data availability that is always changing. This allows you to focus on resilience strategies rather than having to learn to navigate the field of climate science.

Variables You Can Choose for Your Assessment

ex snowpackVariables that are available depending on your locality include:

  • temperature (mean, maximum, and minimum, as well as seasonal, monthly, and annual averages)
  • precipitation (snow and rain, as seasonal, monthly, and annual totals)
  • frequency and severity of extreme events, including heat waves, droughts, and freezing temperatures
  • sea level rise and coastal inundation
  • hydrology (snowpack, streamflow, runoff, and drought stress)
  • vegetation change
  • wildfire
  • carbon storage in vegetation
  • many others, depending on the region

Reports and Online Dynamic Presentation

The ClimateWise team is provides your local climate change projections as a written, online report and a dynamic online Prezi presentation that individuals can view and interact with independently. The dynamic report is a condensed version of the written report with a voiceover that helps to explain the meaning of the results. It is a powerful outreach tool for communities to share information on the local impacts of climate change. The dynamic report ends with a link to the full report for those who would like more information.

The Bigger Picture

Local leaders often obtain local projections as the first step in understanding their vulnerabilities to climate change. The next steps are typically conducting a vulnerability assessment and then developing resilience strategies in a community-wide, collaborative manner.

Local projections are also useful for outreach to the public to gain support for action on climate change, or to inform ongoing decision-making processes.


Costs of local climate change projections vary by the availability of data for a specific locality and choices regarding thresholds your community would like analyzed. However, projection packages that include a written report, a webinar presentation, and an online dynamic presentation can often be done for less than $20,000.

Scientific Rigor

All of our local projections reports are accompanied by in-depth explanations of model uncertainty, geographic resolution, and what the models are telling us. We also provide background information on climate change at the national and global scale, as well as a scientific review of information specific to each locality of interest.


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