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ClimateWise Local Projections

Do you need help assessing future climate conditions for your community?

While climate change is a global phenomenon, the impacts are locally unique. Our team of can help you understand the likely future climate conditions specific to your community.

Geos Institute technical experts prepare local climate change projections based on the best available climate change science, presented at scales that are appropriate for local decision making. We provide maps, graphs, reports, in person presentations, and dynamic online presentations that are easy to read and understand by anyone in your community.

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Our technical experts collaborate with the nation’s leading climate modelers to bring to you the most useful and up-to-date information for your region. We have the knowledge and relationships to navigate complex model output and data availability that is always changing. This allows you to focus on resilience strategies rather than having to learn to navigate the field of climate science.

The Geos Institute has recently updated its approach to providing local climate projections. Please visit our page on Climate Projections on the Climate Ready Communities site for more information.

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