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ClimateWise® Request For Partnership Information

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The Geos Institute’s ClimateWise® Program offers a science-­based process that emphasizes the local community’s unique situation and needs, and integrates social, economic, and environmental issues in developing local solutions to the threat of climate change. Our process takes a non-­‐political, risk assessment approach to planning for future conditions.

Our services are currently available to communities that may not otherwise have the resources to take a proactive approach to climate change planning. Our grant funding allows us to provide scientific and facilitation services to the communities chosen.

Each new ClimateWise® location requires the commitment of a locally-respected organization (convening partner) that drives the process and serves as the local face for ClimateWise®.  Examples of convening partners include city, county, or tribal government, regional planning organizations, watershed councils, chambers of commerce, and non-governmental civic organizations. We invite potential convening partners to submit a request for us to undertake a ClimateWise project in their region.

For more information contact: Marni Koopman, Climate Change Scientist, via email: marni (at), or call 541.482.4459 x 303.

Learn more about the ClimateWise® program by clicking the links below:

Click here to download a description of the ClimateWise procedure and summaries of some outcomes.

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