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Tillamook Estuaries Partnership – Project Dashboard

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Begins January 2017

Bay City Oregon sunset Credit Aaron ZahrowskiLocated on the North Coast of Oregon, the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership is dedicated to protecting and restoring five Tillamook County estuaries and watersheds. The Geos Institute is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist the TEP in conducting a Vulnerability Assessment to assess climate risks to Tillamook Bay resources, including wildlife, fisheries, forestry, and water. We will follow the process outlined in the EPA’s workbook on developing Risk-based Adaptation Plans to identify risks and prioritize them for action. Tillamook Bay Bay City Oregon ZahrowskiBased on those findings, we will develop an Adaptation Strategy for the region.

The ClimateWise process that we will be using is highly collaborative and relies on stakeholder participation and local expertise. We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds and areas of interest. For more information, please contact Dr. Marni Koopman at 541-482-4459 x303 or

Project Timeline

February  Project organization and planning
March  Kickoff meeting
March  Climate science review
March – April  Produce climate impacts report
April  Small group expert consultations
June  Vulnerability Workshop for stakeholders
August  Preliminary Vulnerability Report
October  Expert consultations on adaptation
October  Adaptation Strategy workshop for stakeholders
November.  Final report and release

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