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Climate Ready Communities completes pilot program, prepares for general launch

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CRC Guide coverThe Climate Ready Communities program provides an assisted do-it-yourself option for small-medium sized communities that don’t have the resources to hire a consultant or the technical capacity to do the planning entirely by themselves.

November 30 marks the completion of the Climate Ready Communities pilot program. We are glad to report that during these first 6 months of operation, our pilot communities have begun their resilience planning processes by utilizing our Annual Support services, website, and other resources alongside the Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience.

In addition to helping individual jurisdictions as originally expected, our Climate Ready Communities team is also learning how to help counties and regions apply the program’s resources to help multiple jurisdictions within a geographic region.

We are updating the Guide based on the lessons learned from our pilot communities and new advances in the climate resilience field. We expect this next version of the Guide will be available in early 2019. In the meantime, the communities that participated in the pilot program will continue with their planning processes and new communities in the U.S. and Canada are invited to join starting December 1. Information is available here:

We are working with various partner organizations to get the word out about the Climate Ready Communities program to their local government members. If you have a network that would benefit from knowing about the program, please contact Geoff Weaver at

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