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We have all seen the media reports on the impacts of climate change that communities are experiencing in the U.S. and around the globe. And many of us are feeling these impacts first hand. Unprecedented floods, droughts, extreme storms, wildfire, sea level rise, and permafrost melt top the list. There is no longer a debate about whether climate change is happening.

The question now is: How can we make our communities more resilient in the face of change?

At the Geos Institute, we developed the ClimateWise framework that communities can follow to create Whole Community Solutions. Our ClimateWise team works directly with local leaders to help them understand their local vulnerabilities and to develop increased resilience. We guide our client communities step-by-step through the ClimateWise program to ensure that they protect their most valued resources in the most collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective manner possible.

Between 2012 and 2013, Fort Collins, Colorado experienced unprecedented drought, wildfire, heat waves, and flooding. City leaders know that climate change is a very real threat to their community. Watch here to learn how they are addressing this threat head on.

Whole Community Adaptation

Understanding the challenge and opportunity of climate change from a Whole Community perspective.

Getting Started

Taking the first steps in your community


Helping your community develop local climate change projections, assess your vulnerabilities, and develop community resilience strategies.

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See how other communities have used the ClimateWise services.

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