Climate Change Videos

Years of Living Dangerously

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Years of Living Dangerously Premiere – Full Episode.  

Weather Versus Climate

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Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down the differences between weather and climate.

Bill McKibben on Climate Change (

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Here is a three minute animated video by Bill McKibben, science author and founder of


NPR Cartoon Videos, “It’s All about Carbon”

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5 video cartoons explaining how carbon atoms form bonds, break apart, and create conditions that can lead to global warming. By a science correspondent known for his ability to explain complex technical news in a clear, entertaining style (5 min each).

Climate Change: American Assn. for the Advancement of Science

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A thoroughly explained video on the impacts of climate change and how it works. Fascinating narrative about watching changes first hand (10 min).

“A Climate of Change” on Preparing for Extreme Weather – Parts I, II & III

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Watch a detailed, graphic illustration of effects already felt and possible readiness strategies, using California as an example (22 min).

How Warming Does and Doesn’t Correlate with Human Activity

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Take a short walk through global temperature warming made crystal clear by Sir David Attenborough interviewing a climate scientist addressing the topic, “Do humans have a central role in causing climate change and global warming?” (3 min)

“What We Know about Climate Change”

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Watch a video addressing common objections by climate change deniers. Referring to specific scientific reports, the video illustrates how climate change and global warming work – and their impacts on the earth (10 min).

“It’s so Cold, There Can’t Be Global Warming”

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Learn why weather patterns are different than weather patterns in this nine minute video.

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