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About The Geos Institute

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Here at the Geos Institute we use science to help people predict, reduce, and prepare for climate change.

Climate change poses an imminent threat to our families, friends, and the larger human and wildlife communities of the world. Unprecedented storms, floods, droughts, and sea level rise are already presenting serious problems in many parts of our nation. We know from climate scientists around the world that it is only going to get worse. The time to act is now.

The science is clear. The climate is changing, and human activity is the primary cause. At the Geos Institute, we see three options:

  • Pretend climate change is not happening
  • Focus on limited, short-term fixes that are likely to cause bigger problems down the road
  • Get to work creating a culture of awareness, innovative thinking, and collective action that will allow us to leave a healthy, vibrant, peaceful world to our children and those who come behind them.

We choose to get to work, and we hope you will join us. We come to this work from a variety of scientific disciplines, personal experiences, and faiths, but what binds us together is that we all care deeply about the people and wildlife who share this world.

We believe that while there may not always be a clear solution to a problem, there is always an optimal response that addresses as many needs as possible and moves us toward the larger goals of reducing the overall magnitude of climate change and adapting well to the changes that can no longer be avoided. 

Our three initiatives focus on the places where we believe our collective response will have the greatest impact, either positive or negative, on our communities and the natural world. Specifically, our initiatives work to enhance community resilience, freshwater river systems, and intact forests.

In each initiative (below), we prefer the long view to the short term, partnerships over individual action, and solutions that address a variety of issues for people and nature. We have a fundamental belief that we are capable of successfully addressing the multitude of problems associated with climate change if we work together, leave our egos at the door, and keep our eye on the long-term goal of leaving our children a planet worth inhabiting.


We provide the services and support to local leaders necessary to catalyze ecologically responsible actions to address the climate change crisis and build community resiliency.

Green Solutions

We assemble the information and support necessary to shift the water management sector from a primary focus on built (grey) solutions to (green) solutions that enhance the natural capacity of fresh water ecosystems.

Banking on Forests

We promote transformative policies that protect carbon-dense, biodiverse ecosystems essential to climate adaptation and mitigation on both public and private forest lands.

Our Staff, Board of Directors, and National Science Advisory Board work together to help ensure that individual citizens and government officials have access to the credible science they need to make informed, responsible decisions and meet the challenges of a changing climate.

Click here to download our 2014 Annual Report

Click here to download our 2013 Annual Report

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